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Scaling responsible AI solutions

There is an increasing awareness amongst leaders in public and private actors that a responsible approach to AI is needed to ensure its beneficial and sustainable use. However, what is still partially missing is a clear path and blueprint to ensure how to do this in a systematic way, while creating value for their organizations and communities. Implementing Responsible AI across public and private organizations is crucial and deploying at scale remains problematic.

The Scaling Responsible AI Solutions project is led by GPAI Experts, in the context of the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI). This project aims at providing opportunities to deploy and scale Responsible AI solutions, showcasing results, encouraging cross-functional
collaboration, and helping adopt performance metrics with the intention to contribute to tangible outcomes that can help operationalize the RAI framework within GPAI and beyond.

In addition to tailored mentorship by GPAI experts and invited specialists, selected teams will receive a multitude of benefits and learning opportunities throughout their journey. This includes gaining insights from diverse perspectives, collaborating with other teams and experts, and accessing valuable resources and support from GPAI and its network of partners.