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How can experts participate in GPAI?

GPAI provides opportunities for participation to experts from a variety of sectors, including science, industry, civil society, and regional or international organizations. Experts are selected as individuals and do not represent their organization or country. Experts have been nominated by GPAI members to participate in GPAI’s working groups for a renewable term of 1-2 years.

Experts are expected to voluntarily contribute approximately 6-8 hours a month to participate in working group meetings. The working group co-chairs may invite additional individuals at their discretion to attend meetings as observers to share and present their insights.

Experts will also be invited to participate in the annual Multistakeholder Experts Group Plenary, the first of which took place virtually, hosted by the Centre of Expertise in Montreal in December 2020. The Montreal GPAI Summit and Plenary gathered approximately 200 experts from around the world, including those beyond GPAI’s working group members, to engage in critical conversations about AI and discuss the findings and recommendations from the working groups’ activities.

Experts will be responsible for funding their own travel and accommodations for GPAI meetings and events, but may seek funding from their respective countries or organizations.

Experts interested in engaging with GPAI are invited to contact the Centre of Expertise working on the topics of relevant expertise and interest. Please see GPAI projects for more information.