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Yasushi Kaneko

Japan Minister for International Affairs and Communications, Japan

Incoming GPAI Council Co-Chair (2022-2023)


Date of birth:February 27, 1961
Birthplace:Kumamoto Prefecture 
Political Party:Liberal Democratic Party
Member of the House of Representatives (elected 7 times)
Constituency:Kumamoto 4th District



March 1984 Graduated from the School of Commerce, Waseda University


October 2021  Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications (Kishida Cabinet)
October 2020 Chairman, Special Committee on Disasters, House of Representatives
May 2020 Secretary-General, Project Team on Rental Assistance for Medium and Small Sized Enterprises in regard to COVID-19 measures, LDP
October 2019 Deputy Chairperson, Special Committee on Digital Society Promotion, LDP
October 2018 Acting Chairperson, Policy Research Council, LDP
September 2017 Secretary General, Research Commission for the Promotion of Intelligence Transport System (ITS) and Highways, LDP
April 2017 Chairperson, Subcommittee of Forestry Policy, LDP
December 2015 Vice-Chairperson and Chief Secretary, Special Committee on Aviation Policy, LDP
September 2014  Chairperson, Special Committee on Mountain Villages Promotion, LDP
October 2013 Chairperson, Special Committee on Depopulating Society, LDP
October 2013 Director, Internet Media Division, LDP
October 2013 Vice-Chairperson, Public Relations Headquarters, LDP
December 2012  Chairman, Committee on Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, House of Representatives
October 2012 Special Advisor to the Shadow Cabinet Prime Minister, LDP
October 2011 Deputy Director-General, International Bureau, LDP
October 2011 Deputy Secretary-General, LDP
November 2009 Deputy Chairperson, Special Committee on IT Strategy, LDP
October 2009 Deputy Chairperson, Policy Research Council, LDP
September 2008 State Minister for Land, Infrastructure and Transport (Aso Cabinet)
August 2008 State Minister for Land, Infrastructure and Transport (the Reshuffled Fukuda Cabinet)
August 2007 Deputy Chairperson, Diet Affairs Committee, LDP
November 2005  Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (the Third Reshuffled Koizumi Cabinet)
November 2003 Director, Youth Division, Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)
June 2000 First elected as a member of the House of Representatives (Kumamoto 5th District)
August 1992 Secretary to the House of Representatives member SONODA Hiroyuki
April 1984 Private Secretary to the House of Councilors member TASHIRO Yukio