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AI for public-domain drug discovery

Current and future needs of public health, such as those concerning infectious diseases and pandemics, are often unmet by current drug discovery technologies and ecosystems, due to rising costs and market failures. At the same time, the use of AI is a huge opportunity to speed up and reduce those costs, but it would be much more likely to succeed and would require less government funds in an open-science and data-sharing governance framework. International coordination of shared funding and incentive policies would better serve the specific research and innovation challenges of these unmet public health needs at the global level in terms of lower costs per country and greater positive global impact.

The objective of this project is to develop a set of recommendations for member countries and the international community in general to create an enabling international environment for open AI research towards the development of new drugs or the repurposing of existing ones to address public health challenges.

 Artificial intelligence for public domain drug discovery: Recommendations for policy development (November 2021)

Short-term objectives

The short-term output of the project would include:

  • A set of recommendations synthesized from interviewing and collecting feedback from a mix of relevant experts from different fields, such as AI, health, public policy, IP, to be published.

Long-term deliverable

The main longer-term outcome of the project is:

  • A potential collaboration with an international organization to develop more concretely the roadmap and help with downstream efforts to organize and coordinate funding of public-domain AI-driven drug discovery.