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Observation platform of AI at the workplace

In 2020, the future of work working group focused its efforts on analysing real AI use cases at the workplace. It developed a questionnaire that examines the process of AI systems social integration in companies around five dimensions:

  • Motivations for the AI system implementation
  • Participation of workers and representatives in the process of developing the AI system
  • The role of the human-machine collaboration in the implementation of the AI system
  • Consideration of ethics in the design process
  • The impact of the AI system on employment, work, and organizations


A catalogue of more than 80 real use cases was collected from nearly 10 countries. First analyses were published in the report of the 2020 GPAI Montreal Summit. 

The data collection relied on either the online questionnaire or conducting one-hour interviews. This project would further improve both the questionnaire and the data collection process with a hybrid approach: an online survey followed by a short interview to get more in-depth responses.

The two main objectives of the project are:

  • Development of a prototype of an observation platform of AI at the workplace. The catalogue developed in 2020 will be transformed into an observation platform for fuelling the other committees of the working group, and more specifically the ones on training and human-machine collaboration. It will be their basis to proceed to an in-depth analysis of their issues. The questionnaire will therefore be refined and completed by focusing on training needs and the skills gap in AI, and ethical questions regarding the workers cooperation with cobots/chatbots (including dimensions on trust, physical, and mental health issues at different time frames, amongst others).
  • Dissemination of the observation platform of AI at the workplace to the GPAI community and, more broadly, the community of researchers interested in the impact of AI at work and organizations. In the long term, the observation platform of AI at the workplace will be used as a starting point for the activities of the working group such as for example:
    • Carrying out an analysis on cultural specificities and on national or sectoral regulation in the way AI is implemented in workplaces and organizations.
    • Producing ongoing observations on changes in the way AI systems are implemented at workplaces and in organizations. 

 AI observatory at the workplace (November 2021)

Short-term objectives

Outputs of the project in view of the Paris summit in November 2021 are:

  • Setting up a students' community as a team of interviewers comprised of student researchers together with their professors, backed by an expert from the working group, across various GPAI members.
  • Redefining the questionnaire by integrating questions from the committees on training and human-machine collaboration.
  • Identifying the use-case scenarios of the catalogue and designing a coherent solution.
  • Specifying the end-user platform of the AI observatory.

Long-term deliverable

By the second quarter of 2022 the working group is planning to:

  • Develop the proof-of-concept of the observation platform of AI at the workplace in an end-to-end process.
  • Scale up the proof-of-concept to a digital platform.