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Broad adoption of AI by SMEs in the agriculture and farming sector

This project aims to support the agriculture and farming sector to address two main challenges: (1) the need to standardize AI practices deployed within the sector in order to (2) improve current business models, respond to market competitive dynamics, and address consumer expectations.

The approaches proposed for this project aim to create (1) a "path to success" for the agriculture and farming industries including farmer associations, cooperatives, A&F government bodies, and its clusters of service providers. The approaches aim to leverage the benefits of hardware (Internet of Things), infrastructure, telecommunications, aerospace (drone, AUVs and satellites), and data analytics and AI companies to support these stakeholders. The project acts as a cornerstone for the foundations of each GPAI Member and its own local initiatives. Finally, it builds a repository of agricultural and farming resources that will pave the way to future best practices and collaborative approaches among Members.

These objectives will be delivered via three phases of project development :

  • an initial “Awareness” phase with outreach initiatives to engage AI-Aware agriculture and farming ecosystem members and create co-operation and collaboration for the project;
  • an “Accessibility” phase which will catalogue successful AI solutions; and
  • a final “Resources” phase where a portal/resources website will be built for the agriculture and farming SMEs to access information such as “AI Readiness”, “AI Best Practices” and “How to Digitize your Farm”.

The project also aims to compile a resource library of AI companies dedicated to agriculture and farming projects and information about publicly available agriculture and farming data from local sources.