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Broad adoption of AI by SMEs

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs), and government-funded institutions typically employ 80% of a country's workforce. However, these organizations usually have low AI maturity as they often lack the resources, skills, data, or IT infrastructure to develop and adopt AI solutions. Understanding AI's capabilities, identifying AI use cases, and applying AI solutions are critical success factors for these organizations and the economies that host them. Early adopters of AI will have a critical advantage from experience with AI applications.

The SMEs Committee recommendations were delivered in 2021 as both a report, and also a web portal (“AI4SME Portal”) which implements the report’s recommendations. The portal is meant for matching SMEs who are AI unaware and AI aware to AI solution providers that have the relevant experience in delivering the AI solutions that meet the needs of the SMEs. The portal allows any GPAI Member to customize it according to its own local context and manage the portal with their appointed portal operator.